Cloud computing provides the means for your always-on, connected business to have the ability and flexibility of working anywhere. Literati Information Technology will help you achieve this transition and implementation with solutions focused on delivering the freedom you want from your IT.

Our services scale with your needs. When you sign up for Literati Information Technology's professional cloud computing services, you'll find:

  • Data Protection – We will implement best practice cyber-security and redundant backups to protect your information. Your data will be protected by industry best security and continuity technology previously available only to enterprise businesses.
  • Flexibility – Cloud IT easily scales and adapts with your business. As you change, so will your cloud solution. We will implement what you need and adjust as necessary. No need to commit to fixed assets that could be too much initially or not enough later.
  • Mobility – Cloud computing allows you to work from anywhere - home, travel, and multiple offices. You can use the computing tools you need wherever you and your business operate.
  • Heightened Security – You won't need to worry about the dangers of fires, floods, or break-ins to on-premise servers. Your cloud environment will be protected from online threats with the latest cybersecurity risk prevention technology and procedures.
  • On-Demand Support – We will be around 24/7 to serve your needs, and we'll monitor your cloud IT to resolve issues before they become problems.

Talk to Literati Information Technology today about making these cloud computing services in North Central West Virginia work for you.