When you have problems with anything computer related, you simply want it fixed.  We're on standby to solve your problems immediately and without charging you monstrous fees to do so. When you need assistance with network issues, computers or servers not working, software / application support, or virus removal, Literati Information Technology is here to help you.  Our extensive experience and team of skilled problem solvers will resolve your issues while applying our proactive IT mindset to prevent future issues from occuring.

When it comes to the dependable IT support, we can help today. We offer a professional and friendly team of experts to help with your everyday hourly IT services.

When you  need help with your IT problems, Literati Information Technology can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Help with absolutely anything – From broken computers to the design and configuration of computer networks, we're there for your IT needs
  • Team of problem solvers – When you hire Literati Information Technology to fix your computer problems, you get a group of skilled and experienced IT minds with one goal - resolving your problem.
  • Proactive mindset – We know you want this problem fixed, but we also take action to prevent future problems from occuring.  We will make you aware and educate you on how you can prevent the next computer issue.
  • Remote support – Sometimes at Literati Information Technology we can solve your problem without doing a costly on-site visit. This advantageous for you and us.  Your problem is resolved faster, and we have a happy customer.

The experience and tech support you will get with Literati Information Technology in North Central West Virginia will be absolutely unbeatable. Call us today to see how our affordable, professional services can help you today.